Let's Learn About...
Publishing Your Research Findings: Strategies for Success
October 20, 2021
Seminar 3-4 pm ET & Networking Event 4-5pm ET  

This event will feature Dr. Mark Jensen (University of Washington) the Editor in Chief of the USASP’s Journal of Pain. 
The session will be moderated by Dr. Janelle Letzen (Johns Hopkins University)

Following the seminar, there will be a Networking Session (4-5pm ET) where attendees can meet and discuss topics of your choice with members of the Editorial Board at the Journal of Pain (JoP).  

In order to facilitate informal conversations, we will be using the platform Gather.Town. Please indicate on the registration form (see link below) if you would like to attend the networking event. A link to attend the networking session will be sent the day of the event. We hope this platform will allow you to mingle with multiple members of the JoP Editorial Board as well as your colleagues.

Registration is required: https://usasp.memberclicks.net/lets_learn_about_publishing_your_research

The Career Corner: Finding Your Perfect Postdoc Match

November 30, 2021 
Seminar 4-5 pm ET & Networking Event 5-6pm

We are looking for Principal Investigators at all career levels that are planning on hiring a postdoctoral trainee to participate in the networking event. 

The purpose of this event is to provide a platform that allows PI’s and trainees to network and discuss potential postdoctoral training opportunities in pain research. 

The format of the event will be a moderated 1-hr Q/A session between 3-5 panelists and graduate students’, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members in the USASP organization. Panelists are encouraged to share their experiences mentoring postdoctoral trainees, discuss the role of a postdoctoral trainee, as well as share any best practices for choosing a postdoctoral lab.

Panelists includeTonya Palermo, PhD (Senior PI, Seattle Children's Research Institute, she, human research), Peter Grace, PhD (Junior PI, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, he, basic science), Theodore Price, PhD (Senior PI, University of Texas at Dallas, he, basic science), Lakeya McGill, PhD (Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine she, human research), Khairunisa Ibrahim, PhD (postdoc, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, she, basic science). 

Following the panel trainees and PI’s will be asked to participate in a networking event using the Gather.Town application to informally meet and discuss potential opportunities with trainees.  More information about the platform will be shared closer to the event. 

Registered is required: link 




Pain and Gain: Career Chat with Dr. Michael Gold and Dr. Jennifer Haythornthwaite
Previous event   


The Education and Professional Development Committee hosted their inaugural event on September 21, 2021 Pain and Gain: Career Chat. The purpose of the Career Chats are to share some of the exciting career journeys of expert investigators, clinicians, and policy-makers in the USASP community.  The first Career Chat featured Dr. Jennifer Haythornthwaite (Johns Hopkins U) (left) and Michael Gold (U of Pittsburgh) (right) and Dr.. They answered questions from the membership about the creation of the USASP and other topics related to career development and mentorship. The session was moderated by Dr. Yenisel Cruz-Almeida (U of Florida) and Dr. Rui Li (Seattle Children's). Following the Chat, there was a Networking Session, where USASP leadership and SIG representatives met to discuss various topics. The committee utilized the networking platform Gather.Town to facilitate informal discussion and networking (representative images below).  Members can view the event here: Recordings of seminars