Sex Differences in Pain and Analgesia


Dayna Loyd Averitt, PhD
Joyce T. Da Silva, PhD
Texas Woman's University University of Maryland Baltimore



The mission of the Sex Differences in Pain and Analgesia Special Interest Group (SIG) shall be to share and promote scientific knowledge and understanding of the role of sex and/or gender on pain and pain management. The overarching goal is to facilitate the study of sex and/or gender differences in pain research where appropriate and promote communication between researchers and other stakeholders on this topic.


  • Provide a platform for discussion, data sharing, communication and collaboration between researchers that share common interests in sex/gender differences in pain and analgesia

  • Furthering the educational objectives of the SIG via Twitter, meetings, webinars, and an annual symposium at the USASP annual meeting; embedded in these activities are:

    • Engaging trainees 

    • Partnering with other SIGs to enhance collaboration

    • Discussing current challenges or controversial topics regarding sex/gender differences in pain and analgesia, with insights into impact on clinical research and clinical applications

  • Making recommendations to the research community regarding studying sex and/or gender influences on pain and pain management

  • Promoting the importance of studying sex/gender differences in pain and analgesia and current findings to scientists, the NIH, policymakers, and the public

  • Two Co-Chairs with 2-year terms
    • 1 new Co-Chair should be elected per year to retain experience in the Chair position
    • Self nominations and voting yearly following the annual USASP meeting (polling via USASP support)
  • Media Coordinator with 2-year term
    • Manage Twitter account
    • Manage Circle in USASP website
  • Membership 
    • Any regular or trainee member of the USASP may join the SIG
    • To join, select the SIG during join or renewal process OR email [email protected] to request to join the SIG
  • Meetings
    • Quarterly virtual meetings (Jan/Feb, 
    • USASP Activities: Data Blitz Symposium, Social, USASP Chairs Meeting
    • Invited trainee data blitz or seminar every other meeting
If you would like to join this SIG please use the following linkSIG Petition and Support/Sign-Up Form


Historical Dates:

SIG approved on October 26th, 2021 (Inaugural Meeting: Jan 18th, 2022)


Current Membership:

Chair: Dayna Averitt [email protected] (2022-2024) 

Co-Chair: Joyce Da Silva [email protected] (2023-2025)

Media Coordinator: Nathaniel Hernandez[email protected] (2023-2025)

Members: 42 members (as of 3.21.23)