Chasity Brimeyer, PhD, EdS (Medical College of Wisconsin/Children's Wisconsin)

Alec A Owens (UAB Medicine)

Sleep and Pain SIG Mission Statement

The Sleep and Pain SIG aims to:

-       Seek awareness and understanding of how sleep/circadian disturbance and sleep/circadian disorders affect all aspects of pain processing and regulation, as well as development, maintenance, and exacerbation of chronic pain.

-       Share methodological advances in study design, assessment, and analysis for sleep/circadian rhythm and pain research.

-       Provide a forum for interdisciplinary researchers and clinicians with a common interest in sleep/circadian rhythm and pain to connect with each other, exchange ideas, and discuss advances in our understanding of the role of sleep on pain, and vice versa.

-       Disseminate information regarding sleep/circadian rhythm and pain research to the rest of the USASP members and others.

-       Create opportunities for trainees and early career investigators to improve their scientific communications and to network with leaders in the field of sleep/circadian rhythm and pain research.


The Sleep and Pain SIG plans to achieve these aims by:

-       Providing a discussion forum for researchers and clinicians to connect with each other. 

-       Promoting meetings, workshops, symposia, and events that are relevant to SIG members.

-       Supporting and developing educational initiatives (including meetings) to disseminate the issues around sleep disturbance and pain to a broader audience.

-       Hosting various mentor-mentee activities (e.g., networking meetings, reviewing job application, journal club, etc.)




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