Acute (to Chronic) Pain SIG




The SIG on Acute (to Chronic) Pain advances and promotes the understanding of mechanisms, 
assessment, prevention, and management of acute pain, including the transition from
acute to chronic pain, through the following activities:
  • Encourage collaboration
    • Between basic and clinical research.
    • With the relevant IASP Special Interest Groups
    • With other pain related organizations
  • Promote the study of acute pain, including the transition from acute to chronic pain
    • On underlying mechanisms
    • On definitions of “chronification” – centralization, recurring pain, chronic peripheral mechanisms
    • On implications of acute pain therapy for clinical outcome and quality of life.
  • Exchange of information
    • For the review and encouragement of guideline development including methodology and implementation strategies
    • About the assessment of acute pain and steps in development of chronic pain
    • About treatment of acute pain and role in modification of progression to chronic pain
  • Identify, implement, and improve programs
    • To advance the next generation of acute and acute to chronic pain researchers
    • For outreach and education of researchers in other areas
    • To reduce acute pain, the transition from acute to chronic pain, and related suffering
  • Foster education
    • Via online programing related to interesting and important ideas
    • Via annual symposium at USASP meetings, satellite meetings, newsletter, and the USASP website
    • By contributing to workshops at IASP World Congresses and associated meetings
Note: This mission has been adapted in part from the IASP Acute Pain SIG
Acute (to Chronic) Pain SIG Research Seminar 
We meet every third Wednesday of the Month from 2-3pm ET.
  • Preclinical models of post surgical pain
  • mechanisms involved in the transition from menstrual pain to chronic pain in adolescents
  • molecular mechanisms of chronic pain
  • Acute to chronic postsurgical pain in adolescents.
  • Acute to chronic post-surgical pain - genomics/psychosocial factors, pediatric
  • Conducting studies on THC in pts with neuropathic pain
Events are posted on the USASP member calendar with information about each seminar.
If you would like to join this SIG please use the following linkSIG Petition and Support/Sign-Up Form