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Accepting Applications: Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Pain

The USASP Journal of Pain Task Force is seeking qualified candidates to apply for the next Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Pain. In 2020, Journal of Pain became the official journal of the newly formed USASP. The journal publishes original papers related to clinical and basic pain research to provide a unique international source of information for expert investigators, clinicians, policy-makers, and members of the public interested in pain.

The journal publishes 12 issues per year and utilizes an online manuscript submission and peer-review system. The Editor-in-Chief will serve a five year term and be responsible for managing the journal content and leading the strategic direction of USASP.

The Editor-in- Chief is responsible for acquiring, reviewing and collating manuscripts for publication and shall work with the publisher to produce a timely and informative publication. The Editor-in-Chief will appoint field editors and an editorial board that represent global and diverse expertise in the field of pain. The Editor-in-Chief will be responsible for meeting with the USASP and Publisher on an annual basis to report on the progress of the Journal.

Applicants should be actively engaged in the pain research with an outstanding publication record, high international regard and recognition. Successful applicants will have experience as an editor, associate editor, or productive editorial board member for a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The Editor-in-Chief will be compensated for time and effort devoted to the Journal. Editorial management and administrative support will be provided by the USASP.

Applications should include:

  • Full CV;
  • A letter summarizing your vision and goals for the JoP over the next 5 years (2022–2027);
  • Two letters of recommendation from your peers that address your research, scientific writing and editorial abilities and a third letter from an individual who has direct knowledge of your supervisory, administrative, and communication skills.

Applications should be sent via email to [email protected] with "Editor in Chief, JoP" in the subject line.

 Applications are due no later than November 1, 2021 and interviews will be conducted virtually starting in November of 2021. 


Call for nominations for the USASP Board of Directors,

including the President and Treasurer

The USASP is looking to fill three Director seats on the Board of Directors and two Officers: the President and the Treasurer. The USASP is committed to (1) transparency in the nomination and election process and (2) board membership that reflects the diversity of the membership of the USASP. Therefore, the USASP will accept nominees who meet criteria for any of the seats described below.

General Eligibility Criteria for Open Positions: 

  Active member of the USASP in good standing 

  Recent experience serving on USASP committees or working groups, or comparable experience in other organizations.

Board of Directors (three open positions)*:

Term: Three years

Directors on the Board provide advice to the President, in addition to providing guidance on issues brought to the USASP, and support the Board’s decision-making process. Directors are expected to serve concurrently on at least one USASP Committee and/or Task Force to serve as the liaison between the Committee/Task Force and the Board. The below criteria for open seats have been defined based on required characteristics to balance the experience and expertise on the Board.

Seat 1: Mid- to Senior-career investigator (Assoc./Full or Senior Scientist/Director) whose primary designation** is Basic Research

Seat 2: An individual from any career stage whose primary designation** is Clinical Care and/or Patient Advocacy

Seat 3: An individual from any career stage whose primary designation** is Behavioral and Social Sciences or Population Health and Health Services


Term: 4 years

The President serves as the “face” of the USASP, works to ensure the health and continued growth of the Association, and advances the short and long term goals established by the Board of Directors. The President will chair monthly meetings with the Executive Committee (composed the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, and a Board representative), and semi-annual meetings with the Board of Directors. The President will work closely with USASP administrative staff to ensure all aspects of the organization are running as smoothly as possible. Additional responsibilities include:  Appointing the incoming Chair of the Scientific Program Committee (SPC) and working with the SPC chair in organizing the annual scientific meeting, chairing the nominations committee, and chairing the committee on committees (as immediate past president). 

Once elected, the successful candidate will spend the first year as President-Elect, working closely with the President to get up to speed on processes and ongoing projects.  In the second year, the President-Elect will become the President, working with the Immediate Past President.  In the third year, the President will mentor the new President-Elect and in the fourth year will become the Immediate Past President. 

Eligibility Criteria: Mid- to Senior-career individual (Assoc./Full or Senior Scientist/Director) with an established track record of leadership in local, national, or international organizations.


Term: 3 years

Oversees financial matters for the USASP including managing accounts, overseeing payments and deposits of all moneys and reporting to the Board and membership an account of the financial condition of the association. The Treasurer serves as the Chair of the Finance Committee and oversees the budgeting for the USASP each year.  

Eligibility Criteria: Mid- to Senior-career individual (Assoc./Full or Senior Scientist/Director) with demonstrated proficiency in financial management and budgeting.

Nominating Materials:

Nominees must indicate the seat/position (e.g., Director Seat #1, Director Seat #2, etc) they would like to fill and may be considered for only one seat/position on a ballot. 

  • a Curriculum Vitae
  • evidence that they meet the criteria listed above for a seat or position
  • a one-page personal statement of why they would like to serve the USASP on the Board or as an Officer.  Nominees are expected to include in the personal statement their experience and commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and access.
  • a picture to accompany their personal statement on the election and ballot material

Nomination Process:

  • Submit materials to [email protected] with the board position identified in the subject line (e.g., “Nomination for USASP President”)
  • Deadline for submissions:  October 15, 2021 (midnight PST)
  • The Nominations Committee will review submitted materials, and anyone meeting the criteria for the position sought will be included on the ballot.


The USASP embraces, promotes, and fosters a culture based on inclusion, diversity, equality, and access. We especially encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups such as, but not limited to, members of minoritized communities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities.

*Directors remaining on the Board 2021-2022:

Staja “Star” Booker, PhD RN
Benjamin Lee, MD, MPH
Daniela Menichella, MD, PhD
Hadas Nahman-Averbuch, PhD
Vitaly Napadow, PhD
Rebecca Seal, PhD


President: Michael Gold, PhD
Secretary: Jessica Merlin MD, PhD, MBA 


**Primary Designation is how an individual’s career classification is self-identified on their USASP membership profile.


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