USASP Committees and Working Groups

The USASP relies on its members to volunteer their time on various committees and working groups to address the policy and operating concerns of the association. A “Call for Volunteers” is our cry for help. The Committee on Committees evaluates the pool of volunteers and recommends to the board the composition of committees and work groups.

If you are interested in volunteering, please check back at a later date for any available opportunities. If you are volunteering in response to a "call" we will get back to you sooner than later!

*The 2022 application for USASP committee volunteers is now closed. Please check back at a later date for any available opportunities.

Current Committees and Task Forces:

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This Committee will develop a coalition of professional societies and other groups interested in working with the USASP to support pain research, management, and education.

Co-Chairs: Diane Hoffmann & Lindsey Yessick

The Collaborations Committee evaluates oversee opportunities and invitations for collaboration with other groups, including but not limited to policy statements or briefs, guideline development, deliberations in advocacy efforts, and endorsement of best practice recommendations, guidelines or resources. Its Charter can be viewed (HERE).

Chair: Keela Herr

The Committee on Committees identifies and proposes the names of and terms of all committee chairs and members to the Board of Directors. Recommendations are made to ensure diversity, including race, gender, age, and geographic and professional diversity across committees and within each committee. Its Charter can be viewed (HERE).

Chair: Michael Gold

This Committee shall guide USASP initiatives and programs centered on educating the public, educators, health care providers, and government officials about pain research and treatment. This Committee will refine the DRAFT charter (LINK HERE) for future board approval.

Chair: Wendy Gaultney

This Committee will be established to support and enhance the education and professional development of pain researchers and clinicians at all stages of their careers through education, training, networking, and other activities. The committee also works to increase and enhance diversity and inclusion within USASP, by advancing the needs of all audiences, ensuring accessibility for all pain researchers/clinicians and encouraging a climate that supports their differences. This Committee will work closely with the Scientific Program Committee. Their first charge will be to refine the DRAFT charter (LINK HERE) for future board approval.

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Haythornthwaite & Hadas Nahman Averbuch

The Finance Committee determines annual dues, prepares a budget, and makes recommendations on reserve funds and investments to the Board of Directors. When an audit is scheduled, the committee works with the independent auditor to ensure compliance with accounting rules and regulations.

Chair: Yenisel Cruz-Almeida

The IDEA committee will strive to help build and maintain an inclusive, diverse environment where differences of opinion, beliefs, and values are sought, listened to, respected, and valued. Through IDEA efforts, USASP is dedicated to expanding membership, participation, and leadership that reflect our broad membership. The USASP IDEA committee will be responsible for identifying ways to build and maintain an inclusive organization where differences of opinion, beliefs, and values are sought, listened to, respected, and valued. It will also be responsible for providing resources, consultation, and feedback to USASP committees, volunteers and members in order to support their efforts toward building and maintaining an inclusive, welcoming environment within the organization. Lastly, it will be responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of IDEA events and initiatives at USASP Scientific Meetings to build a more diverse and inclusive meeting.

Co-Chairs: Edgar Alfonso Romero-Sandoval & Steven Kinsey

The goal of this Task Force will be to review the current status of the JoP and organize a search for the next EiC to replace Mark Jensen. At a future date, we plan to create a Publications Committee (see below) to oversee the JoP and make recommendations about any additions to the USASP publication portfolio.

Chair: Gerald Gebhart

The primary charge of this committee is to increase USASP membership through the recruitment of new members and retention of existing members. It will be responsible for developing policies and procedures regarding the membership application process. Their first charge will be to refine the DRAFT charter (LINK HERE) for future board approval.

Co-Chairs: Emily Bartley & Ruth Chimenti

The primary charge of this committee is to solicit nominees for USASP board and Officers (President, Treasurer, Secretary). The Committee will generate the wording for the call for nominees to ensure that those running for elected positions represent the disciplines and composition of the membership. The committee will evaluate each nominee for qualifications and then present to the Association membership the names of all qualified candidates for election to the Board and to the Officers of the Association. The first charge of this Committee will be to refine the DRAFT charter (LINK HERE) for future board approval.

Chair: Michael Gold

The primary charge of this Committee is the annual scientific meeting of the USASP, which includes everything ranging from the meeting format to running sessions (if necessary and appropriate). The committee will need to balance the needs of the SIGs, oversee content for Early Career professions, and evaluate satellite sessions. The goal will be to organize a meeting that best meets the needs of the USASP membership. This committee will work closely with the Education Committee, as in the post-COVID19 era, a single event spread over three to five days may no longer be the only way to meet the needs of members. The first charge of this Committee will be to refine the DRAFT charter (LINK HERE) for future board approval.

Chair: Vitaly Napadow

The Primary charge of this Committee is Sponsorship of the USASP. The first action of this Committee will be to generate a policy for the USASP Board of Directors for approval. The sponsorship policy will be used to guide decisions about accepting external funding sources to the USASP (e.g., from either for-profit or non-profit organizations) and standards for disclosing these funds once accepted. The committee will also recommend to the Board of Directors standards for the acceptance of advertisements proposed by the publisher of The Journal of Pain. Finally, this committee will be charged with pursuing sponsorship for USASP events and activities with the goal of generating funds to be used to further the goals of the Association.

Chair: Patrick Finan

Current Special Interest Groups:

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Description: TBD

Chair: Julie Christianson

Description: The SIG on Acute (to Chronic) Pain advances and promotes the understanding of mechanisms, assessment, prevention, and management of acute pain, including the transition from acute to chronic pain

Co-Chairs: Mark Bicket & Mollie Meffert

Description: TBD

Chairs: Rajesh Khanna & Matthew Sapio & Imad Damaj

Description: TBD

Co-Chairs: Anitha Saravanan & Erin Young

Description: TBD

Chair: Gary Walco

Description: TBD

Co-Chairs: Emine Ozgur Bayman & and Giovanni Berardi

Description: TBD

Chair: Richard Harris

Description: The Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism (DIA) in Pain SIG is a community of US-ASP members invested in researching, serving and advocating for equity and inclusivity across the pain continuum. The members of the SIG are enthusiastic about being part of a community that cares about topics that are not typically discussed in other spaces.

Co-Chairs: Calia Morais & Elizabeth Losin

Description: TBD

Chair: Edwin Aroke

Description: TBD

Chair: Roger Fillingim

Description: TBD

Co-Chairs: Lauren Atlas & Vitaly Napadow

Description: TBD

Co-Chairs: Ruth Chimenti & Katie Butera

Description: To bring together diverse perspectives on pediatric pain science to directly improve both acute and chronic pain management for children through research, advocacy, and education.

Co-Chairs: Cornelius Groenewald & Amanda Stone

Description: TBD

Co-Chairs: Matthew Herbert & Hailey Bulls

Description: TBD

Co-Chairs: Dayna Loyd Averitt & Joyce T. Da Silva

Description: Seek awareness and understanding of how sleep/circadian disturbance and sleep/circadian disorders affect all aspects of pain processing and regulation, as well as development, maintenance, and exacerbation of chronic pain. Share methodological advances in study design, assessment, and analysis for sleep/circadian rhythm and pain research. Provide a forum for interdisciplinary researchers and clinicians with a common interest in sleep/circadian rhythm and pain to connect with each other, exchange ideas, and discuss advances in our understanding of the role of sleep on pain, and vice versa. Disseminate information regarding sleep/circadian rhythm and pain research to the rest of the USASP members and others. Create opportunities for trainees and early career investigators to improve their scientific communications and to network with leaders in the field of sleep/circadian rhythm and pain research.

Co-Chairs: Chung Jung Mun (Moon) & Dan Whimbley

Description: TBD

Co-Chairs: Jennifer Nyland & Antionette Spector

Legacy Committees:

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First Annual Meeting Committee


Organizing Committee