Organizing Committee Members

Michael Gold University of Pittsburgh
Jennifer Haythornthwaite Johns Hopkins University

Members Primary Group Representing
Ann Quinlan-Colwell Southern Pain Society
Christopher Gharibo Eastern Pain Association
William Schmidt Eastern Pain Association
Lorry Davis Eastern Pain Association
Naum Shaparin Eastern Pain Association
Charles Argoff Eastern Pain Association
Rita Agarwal Society of Pediatric Pain Medicine
Benjamin H. Lee Society of Pediatric Pain Medicine
Ajay Wasan American Academy of Pain Medicine
Tim Lamer American Academy of Pain Medicine
Rob Gereau basic science
Rebecca Seal basic science
Hailey Bulls cancer/psychosocial
Joanna Starrels internal medicine/opioid use
Jessica Merlin internal medicine/opioid use
Lauren Atlas neuroimaging/psychosocial
Vitaly Napadow neuroimaging/integrative health
Staja "Star" Booker nursing/early career
Emily Law psychosocial
Emily Bartley psychosocial
Shreela Palit early career
Daniela Menichella early career
Burel Goodin disparities/geriatrics
Vani Mathur disparities
Keela Herr geriatrics/nursing
Roger Fillingim geriatrics
Tyler Bell geriatrics/early career
Elizabeth Goldsmith health services/early career
Christina Goertz integrative health
Laura Frey Law PT/rehabilitation
Steven George PT/rehabilitation
Hadas Nahman-Averbuch headache/early career
Greg Dussor headache/basic science
Amynah Pradhan headache/basic science
Laura Simons pediatric pain research
Neels Groenewald pediatric pain research
Christine Ritchie palliative care
Ken Hargreaves dentistry
Margarete daSilva dentistry


Working Groups:


The Organizational Structure Working Group made recommendations to the USASP Organizing Committee regarding the future structure of the Board of Directors of the USASP.  Issues addressed included the nomination process for directors and officers, how to ensure representation on the board, and how to maximize transparency in the USASP.  The work of this group was completed by early May and recommendations reviewed by the Organizing Committee in May and June, 2020.  

USASP Board Liaison: Jennifer Haythornthwaite

Members: Daniela Maria Menichella, Roger Fillingim, Hadas Nahman-Averbuch, Bill Schmidt, Keela Herr, Staja Booker


The Journal of Pain Working Group evaluated current options for the Journal of Pain and worked up a financial model for the continued growth of the Journal along with that of the USASP. After much deliberation and review of proposals from publishers and the option of moving the journal to open access, the decision was made to accept the Elsevier proposal.

USASP Board Liaison: Michael Gold

Members: Shreela Palit, Emily Bartley, Steven George


The Website and Communication Working Group developed and implemented the way the USASP communicates on the internet, including social media. They designed a logo, identified a volunteer to build the website, and created a twitter handle (@US_ASP). The committee will generate website content, liaising with other committees to generate content when needed, and establish a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, including regular posting on an ongoing basis.

USASP Board Liaison: Jessica Merlin

Members: Hailey Bulls, Tyler Bell, Lauren Atlas