2024 USASP Lifetime Achievement Award

Jane C. Ballantyne M.D., F.R.C.A
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John Loeser, MD
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This distinguished award celebrates their exceptional contributions to the realm of pain research and clinical practice. It is with great honor that their outstanding achievements are recognized.

Throughout their illustrious career, Dr. Loeser and Dr. Ballantyne's commitment to advancing understanding and treatment of pain has been truly remarkable. Their unwavering dedication, leadership, and innovative approaches have paved the way for significant progress in the field. Their pioneering research, innovative methods in pain management, and exemplary clinical care have touched countless individuals' lives, leaving an enduring impact on the landscape of pain treatment.

Their extensive body of work reflects a steadfast pursuit of excellence and tireless efforts to enhance patient outcomes. They have served as an inspiration and mentor to numerous professionals within the community, solidifying their legacy as a preeminent leader in the field of pain research and clinical practice.

We would like you to join us in celebrating them during the 2024 USASP Annual Scientific Meeting. 

The award ceremony will be held on Tuesday, April 16th, at 9:30 am following the plenary presentation.