Rajesh Khanna, PhD
M. Imad Damaj, PhD          

Matthew Sapio, PhD
New York University College of Dentistry  VCU  National Institutes of Health


Mission: The mission of the Basic Science Pain Research Special Interest Group (SIG) shall be to share and promote scientific knowledge and understanding of pain. The overarching goal is to facilitate basic pain research in all forms, and promote communication between researchers in the basic science field.


  • Provide a platform for discussion, data sharing, communication and collaboration between researchers that share common interests in basic research into pain and nociception
  • Furthering the educational objectives of the SIG via website and Twitter, meetings, webinars, an annual symposium and workshop at the USASP annual meeting
    • Engage trainees - a webinar (frequency - four to six a year) for postdocs and students to present 
    • Partner with other SIGs/educational committee - training seminars 
    • In depth of discussion of different approaches/controversial topics in basic science, with insights into their impact on clinical research and clinical applications. 
    • Shortened talks (5-10 mins) followed by in-depth discussions 
  • Enhancing collaboration between basic and clinical research on pain
    • Gaps in clinical knowledge that can inform basic research in pain - what is the next big question in various topics? Low back pain? Sex differences? Long-standing unanswered questions 
    • Use the Pain Beat as a forum 
  • Building alliances with public-facing groups
    • Rita Allen Foundation 
    • May Day Foundation 
    • Pain Research Forum & the PRF Correspondents Program
    • Pain Beat Podcast
    • Journalists and News Organizations
  • Promote basic pain research awareness in the public and advocate basic pain research to the NIH, policymakers, and foundations
  • Webpage, communications strategy to highlight pain 


If you would like to join this SIG please use the following linkSIG Petition and Support/Sign-Up Form


Past SIG Meetings and Recordings 

November 30, 2022