Clinical and Translational Research SIG


Anitha Saravanan, PhD
Northern Illinois University  


Clinical and/or Translational Research (CTR) SIG Mission and Vision Statement 

“Advance Pain Management  from Bench to Bedside.” 


Cultivate a collaborative approach for translational preclinical, clinical and population research specialties in pain.


Promote a translational research approach within USASP

  • Develop educational initiatives (seminars/ workshops) to disseminate recent discoveries in clinical and translational research in acute and chronic pain.
  • Create awareness of how clinical and translational studies in pain can improve outcomes of pain management, function, mobility, and quality of life across all populations.


Bridge gap between preclinical research and clinical improvement in managing pain.

  • Develop a community of diverse researchers and clinicians from all backgrounds with a common interest in clinical and translational research in pain to conduct interdisciplinary work.
  • Share innovative findings and advances in study design, methods, and analyses in clinical and translational research in pain.
  • Disseminate scientific information to enhance policy changes and to facilitate adoption of best practices in community settings.


Foster communication for those that need it most. 

  • Create opportunities for trainees and early career investigators to collaborate by networking with experts.
  • Encourage an open forum for all CTR SIG participants, including those belonging to diverse backgrounds to meet and interact.
  • Conduct workshops, and other events to grow the CTR- SIG community.
  • Enrich experiences of members by initiating various mentor-mentee activities (e.g., networking meetings, “Slido polls” “Kahoot” sessions)


If you would like to join this SIG please use the following linkSIG Petition and Support/Sign-Up Form