G.F. Gebhart Journal of Pain Young Investigator Award Winners

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James S. Khan MSc MD FRCPC
University of Toronto

Perioperative pregabalin and intraoperative lidocaine infusion to reduce persistent neuropathic pain after breast cancer surgery: A multicenter, factorial, randomized, controlled pilot trial. 

The Journal of Pain, 2019: 20, 980-993

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Calia Morais PhD
University of Alabama

The Effect of Literacy-Adapted Psychosocial Treatments on Biomedical and Biopsychosocial Pain Conceptualization

The Journal of Pain, 2021: 22, 1396-1407

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Chung Jung Mun, PhD
Arizona State University

Real-time monitoring of cannabis and prescription opioid co-use patterns, analgesic effectiveness, and the opioid-sparing effect of cannabis in individuals with chronic pain

The Journal of Pain Vol. 23 Issue 11 p1799–1810

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Trevor Lentz, PT, PhD, MPH  
Duke University

Overcoming Barriers to the Implementation of Integrated Musculoskeletal Pain Management Programs: A Multi-Stakeholder Qualitative Study

The Journal of Pain Vol 24, No 5 (May), 2023: pp 860−873

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