The United States Association for the Study of Pain is inviting you to participate in a webinar titled Social Media for Professionals: Getting Started Now! This eventwill be held on October, 26th (3-4pm EST/12-1pm PST) with a networking event immediately following the presentation (4-5pm EST/1-2pm PST) on Gather.Town.

This event will consist of a short introductory presentation by the USASP Communications Committee on how to get started using social media platforms for professionals followed by a panel discussion that will share some tips and tricks. This is intended as an introductory seminar that will prepare attendees for a more in-depth workshop that will be offered during the upcoming Annual Scientific Meeting in April 2023. 

Read about the panelists' experience with social media platforms and total time on those platforms below. 


Andrea Nackley, PhD (Duke University) 

  • Twitter (1 year)

Nathaniel Hernandez, PhD (Duke University)

  • Twitter (1.5 years) - Nackley Lab, USASP Sex Differences SIG, Journal of Pain

  • Twitter/ Instagram assistant - Duke Swimming & Diving (≈4 years) 

  • Podcast guest - Blue Devil 360 (2 episodes)

  • LinkedIn (3 Years) - Personal account & 1 virtual workshop (Creating Your CV/Resume & Job Interview Tips) in April 2022

Peter Grace, PhD (UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  • Twitter (10 years)

Rachel Zoffness, PhD (UCSF, Stanford)

  • Twitter and Instagram (3 years)

Tyler Bell, PhD (UCSD). 

  • Facebook (12 years)

  • Linked In (8 years)

  • Instagram for (6 years)

  • Twitter (3 years) 

ModeratorJennifer Haythornthwaite, PhD (Johns Hopkins University) 

Members can view a recording of this event here

Event Summary

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