Pain Neuroimaging


Lauren Atlas, PhD
  National Institutes of Health



Katie Martucci, PhD
 Duke University



We hope you’re having a wonderful fall and are preparing those USASP abstracts for the December 1 abstract deadline! This year we hope to have not only a data blitz but a mixer after the event, which should be great. I also have a few exciting updates to share between now and the conference!

First, CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. Katherine Martucci, our new USASP Neuroimaging SIG co-chair!Thank you to the other nominees, to everyone who voted, and a HUGE thank you to Dr. Vitaly Napadow, our outgoing co-Chair.  The upcoming year will be co-organized by myself and Dr. Martucci, and then we will have another vote for someone to replace me. 

Second, Katie and I have been discussing the upcoming year’s agenda, and we are looking forward to having more webinars on fMRI methods, both advanced and introductory. We are hoping to have bimonthly SIG events, including the USASP meeting. The topics we plan to start with are the following:

  • Resting state fMRI
  • Functional connectivity, network neuroscience, graph theory
  • Devices
  • High field MRI


Our first webinar this January will be on RESTING STATE FMRI. We will have one methods expert give a 25 minute overview of the “state of the art” with respect to rsfMRI, followed by two talks about its application in pain research. We are looking for early career investigators (PhD students, postdocs, and early stage faculty) who have projects focusing on resting state who would like to present their work during this session. If you are interested in presenting your published or in prep work using rsFMRI, please write Katie and me with a brief description of your work.  

We are always open to suggestions and feedback for the SIG, and we do intend to include upcoming webinars on fNIRS, MEG, and EEG. Please get in touch with me or Katie if you have additional suggestions.

Thank you all, and welcome Dr. Martucci!!!

Best wishes,

Lauren Atlas, PhD


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Past SIG meeting - January 30th at 4pm ET (speaker bios)

      Members can watch a recording of this meeting here: Video Pain Neuroimaging SIG Meeting 013023