Great Expectations: Factors Influencing Control Group Response Rates 

in Human and Animal Pain Studies 

A COHA Translational Summit  

Pain studies in rats, dogs, and humans have at least one thing in common: outperforming the control group is a primary hurdle over which investigational interventions must leap in order to live another day.  The rate of positive responses in the control group can impact the outcome of any study, regardless of the design or the intervention.  In this one-day Translational Summit, we will build on the collaborative expertise across animal and human studies to discuss how we can improve pain study efficiency, mitigating effects in the control group and identifying areas where cross species collaborations can help drive our understanding of these effects.  This workshop is designed for investigators from pre-clinical and clinical research arenas and will include expert presentations and panel discussion with ample time for collaborative break-out sessions.

This Translational Summit is organized as a pre-meeting to the USASP 2023. It is supported by an NCATS CTSA Innovation Award to the CTSA One Health Alliance (COHA), and is presented in collaboration with the USASP and the Non-Human SIG of the International Association for the Study of Pain.




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