USASP 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting Sponsors

Thank you to all of the gracious sponsors who supported the USASP 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting. Without their support, the conference would not have been possible.

Sponsorship Tiers 


Mind/Brain/Behavior Collaborative of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 

Comprehensive Care for Pediatric Pain Conditions
The Pain Management Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s is nationally recognized for its expertise in the diagnosis, treatment, research and education of complex pediatric pain conditions. The Pain Management Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s provides outpatient care for children and young adults who are experiencing chronic and recurrent pain, including:
·       Abdominal pain
·       Back, chest and extremity pain
·       Headache
·       Complex regional pain syndrome (reflex sympathetic dystrophy)
·       Pancreatitis
·       Fibromyalgia
·       Nerve pain caused by an injury or resulting from toxic or genetic causes
·       Joint pain caused by Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions
·       Pain from cerebral palsy; sickle cell disease; epidermolysis bullosa and severe eczema; and metabolic and hereditary diseases
·       Pain-related mental health conditions or symptoms, such as depression or anxiety
Developing Innovative Treatments for Acute and Chronic Pain
The Pediatric Pain Research Center brings together a unique group of pain researchers from basic, translational and clinical realms from across multiple divisions of Cincinnati Children's.
Our collective objective is to develop new treatments for pain to ensure that no child will transition into adulthood with chronic, poorly managed pain.
Toward this objective, we are conducting cutting-edge research that develops a better understanding of the biological, psychological, and social mechanisms of pain and uses this knowledge to develop innovative treatments for both acute and chronic pain.
Our highly multidisciplinary approach tightly integrates basic, translational, and clinical scientists in order to facilitate the flow of knowledge and research expertise across domains. This rich, multidisciplinary environment provides outstanding training opportunities for the next generation of scientists and clinicians.

Pain Management Center

Pediatric Pain Research Center



The Center for Advanced Pain Studies pursues lines of research aimed at alleviating suffering from pain and improving the lives of people with chronic pain and migraine.


University of Pittsburgh Center for Pain Research 

CHAMPP was founded in 2020 to establish the University of Pittsburgh Division of General Internal Medicine as a national research leader in the field of clinical challenges in pain prevention and treatment, the mission of the Challenges in Managing and Preventing Pain (CHAMPP) Clinical Research Center is to improve health and healthcare for patients with pain by building an interdisciplinary and inclusive collaborative of clinical pain researchers.


The mission of the Center for Addiction & Pain Prevention & Intervention (CAPPI) at UAB is to conduct cutting-edge research that can be developed into better treatments for addiction and pain. The faculty and staff in CAPPI seek to educate other professionals and the public about addiction and pain in a way that promotes compassion and minimizes the stigma of these two health conditions. CAPPI also serves as the focal point for community outreach in order to build effective partnerships with the communities we serve.


The mission of the Washington University Pain Center is to alleviate human suffering from pain through integration of research, education and clinical practice.


 Univ. of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute

At the University of Cincinnati (UC) Gardner Neuroscience Institute, our focus is to deliver hope to patients and families facing complex brain, nerve and spine conditions. As the region’s only adult academic-based neuroscience program, our highly trained physicians and staff provide unparalleled access to compassionate, patient-focused care driven by the latest innovations and leading-edge research. Many of our experts hold leadership roles in national organizations, developing nationwide standards of care and championing neuroscience research.


University of Florida Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence
The UF Pain Research & Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE) endeavors to reduce pain-related suffering throughout Florida and the nation through excellence in pain research, treatment and education, which ultimately will be achieved by integrating all three missions under one interdisciplinary Center. PRICE serves as the professional home for UF scientists, clinicians, and trainees dedicated to improved understanding and treatment of pain.

 Univ. of Univ. of Cincinnati Dept. of Anesthesiology

The Department of Anesthesiology performs cutting-edge research on the neurobiology of pain and somatosensation through the Pain Research Center. Center laboratories and core research facilities are housed together in the CARE/Crawley Building. Laboratories are equipped to investigate critical questions in anesthesia and pain research such as the mechanisms of nerve regeneration and nociceptive pathway development, opioid and non-opioid analgesia, neural-immune interactions, and brain circuitry to control pain. 


Univ. of Cincinnati Office of Research

 The University of Cincinnati research enterprise integrates the arts, sciences and technology to provide unique opportunities for discovery, development and education that cross the traditional academic boundaries. UC’s agile research enterprise can address current challenges and discern future possibilities for exploration that will benefit the greater Cincinnati community and the world beyond.





Elsevier, is part of RELXa global leader in information and analytics, helps researchers and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes for the benefit of society. Growing from our roots in publishing, we have supported the work of our research and health partners for more than 140 years. Elsevier offers knowledge and valuable analytics that help our users make breakthroughs and drive societal progress. Digital solutions such as ScienceDirectScopusSciValClinicalKey and Sherpath support strategic research managementR&D performanceclinical decision support, and health education. Elsevier publishes over 2,650 digitized journals, including The Lancet and Cell; our 42,000 eBook titles; and our iconic reference works, such as Gray's Anatomy


Michigan Medicine Anesthesiology


Content Specific Sponsorships 

University of Iowa, Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology 

Sponsored Clinical Trials for Pain Research SIG Meeting